Release notes

Here you can find details about each release since version 2.0. You will also be able to see what is on the near term roadmap.

2.4.0 (28-Jun-2021)


  • Enable admins to disable QVD storage for all developers

  • Allow for read/write permissions rules to be set at widget level

  • New widget: Notification widget

  • Kaptain Admin Module: Addition of user management and permission settings

  • Kaptain Admin module: Possibility to select more Granules to be able to delete multiple at the same time

  • Kaptain Admin Module: Be able to sort Kapsules and Granules on each column shown

  • Kaptain Admin module: Event log


  • Move "Options" up in the menu for Dropdown and Group widgets

  • Use default label value for URL instead of showing the actual URL

  • In Dropdown widget: Make the search function like a wild match

  • In Dropdown widget: Make it possible for user to enter text value instead of selecting from pre-defined values

  • Logic for conditional show has been changed. True value is now -1 and False is 0

2.3.0 (23-APR-2021)


  • Enable wrap line option in Readonly and Text widgets

  • Add option to enable/disable batch edit

  • Change default theme into Qlik theme

  • Adjusted grid and toolbar sizes

  • Disable edit/save button in batch mode if no record selected

  • Add option to Number to select number type

  • Add "Include null values" on each widget in Table Mode

  • Add Reset button option

  • Allow for deletion of inputs in widgets in Form and Popup

  • Enable option to ignore Time zone in custom date

  • Show Readonly widget as URL link

  • Enable user defined alignment of widget values

  • Enable Total row in Komment table

  • Enable CSS styling

  • Optimized auto load script

  • Added keyboard short-cut for saving data in Komment table

  • Enable copy of cell values in Komment table

  • Admin interface for managing data stored in MongoDB


  • Enable smoother load in QSE and SaaS

  • Fix form popup shows empty content intermittently

  • Fix concurrent reload triggers prompt to discard inputs

  • Fix form keeps wrong key when selection is made after input

  • Fix Add/Remove dialogue to only show relevant buttons

  • Fixed issue with Calculation condition option

  • Fixed issue with selection coloring in Group widget in Form mode

  • Fixed issue with dynamic Kapsule not syncing

  • Fixed issue with addition of records when using Kaptain as data connection

  • Fixed issue with sorting to ensure numeric values are sorted correctly

  • Fixed issue with sorting where only present page values were included

  • Fixed issue with filter panel only showing present page values

  • Fixed issue with filter panel to allow for normal Qlik filter actions

  • Fixed pop-up color not matching selected theme

2.2 (30-OCT-2020)


  • Native Qlik selection in table mode

  • Export Komment table data to Excel

  • Freeze columns in Komment table

  • Grouping and styling of widgets in Form and Popup mode

  • Localization options for system fields

  • Custom colors for widget header background and text

  • Define the Kaptain parameters dynamically from variables

  • Auto generation of tables in MS SQL DB directly from Komment UI


  • Fixed issues with saves using Kaptain and Form mode

  • Fixed variable widget issues when used with Kaptain

  • Fixed issue with Conditional Show for buttons

  • Improved concurrency handling when using Kaptain and Form mode

  • Fixed issue with Pop-up where buttons were shown twice

  • Fixed issue where container in popup mode was empty

  • Fixed issue where Komment table did not show all data in data model

2.1 (13-JUL-2020)


  • Read-Only widget can be set to either Field or Expression

  • Columns in Komment table allows for sorting and filtering

  • New button type ‘Add’

  • New button type ‘Remove’

  • New permission rules for read and write data

  • Select Kaptain as Connection Type

  • Define and setup Kaptain data storage type and options


  • Widget type “Select” changed to “Dropdown”

  • Popup Mode has more layout settings

  • Data storage options are now defined in the “Transports” menu

  • Strip special characters if present in Komment Key field

  • Allow for more than two decimals in number widget

  • Fixed the number of decimals saved in the CreatedBy field

  • Change default number of values to search when using Widget Type ‘Field’