Komment setup

Here you will find information about which tweaks compared to normal Komment setup you need to do as a developer.

Data Connection Settings

In Qlik SaaS editions you don’t have to specify your data connection when setting up Komment. You just keep it as is:

This is the only change you need to do in the UI inside your Qlik Sense app when you have configured what your writeback objects should contain. You can now move to the last setup step which is to add the needed logic to the Data load script.

Load script‍

While still in the UI of Komment, go to the Setup section and press the Preview Load Script button. Press Initialize Data Model to have your load script updated with a new section in the data load editor.

As you have not chosen a specific QVD Data Connection you need to modify the script slightly but as you can see here it is very easy to do. Just replace "undefined" or "undefined/" with the name of your desired Data Storage. In the below example "undefined" is replaced with "DataFiles".

As the SaaS edition works a bit different from Enterprise edition, you must use “/” after DataFiles instead of "\".

QVD access

The QVDs that are saved when users save data using Komment can be accessed either via the hub or directly in the data load editor:

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