User options

Here you can find out what options you have when you access the Console with a User role


When you are logged in with a User role you are able to see and perform actions for all the Kapsules that you are the owner of (i.e. that you have created) or the Kapsules that are part of the Groups which you have been assigned to.


You are able to see the following information about the Kapsules:

  • Name

  • ID

  • Related Komment Table

  • Komment Key Field

  • Owner

  • Which database data is stored in

  • Last Update

  • Data type for each field in a Kapsule

  • See the content of each Granule (document) within a Kapsule


You are able to perform the following actions related to the Kapsules and Granules:

  • Sort, search and filter

  • Delete individual Granules or Kapsules

  • Export Kapsule structure (no data)

  • Replace Kapsule structure with existing Kapsule (from .kap file) (no data is changed)

  • Add new Kapsule from existing Kapsule file (.kap)


In the Logs section you can see all the logs generated by Kaptain. This will give you an easy access to check if reloads have been executed as expected and ease your issue tracking.

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