Learn the options you have for using Komment in apps in Shared and Managed spaces


With Qlik SaaS we are moving away from Streams and into Spaces. The following spaces are available:

  • Personal

  • Shared

  • Managed

In the below you can see how you can use Komment in each of the different spaces. If you want to read more about spaces you can look at the official guides from Qlik here.


In the below table you can see how you can use Komment on each of the three spaces with or without Kaptain as data connection.


To use Komment in a Personal space the Qlik user must have a professional license


When QIX is used as Data connection and the storage folder is in a Shared space, the user must have edit rights to the given space:


In a Managed space it is only possible to use Komment if Kaptain is used as the Data connection.

Users with Analyzer or Capacity licenses will only be able to store data using Komment when Kaptain is used as Data Connection

Data storage

When using QIX as Data connection the only storage option is QVD files.

When using Kaptain as a data connection the data is always stored into one of the supported databases. Currently we support MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB & MongoDB.

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