This section describes each of the Modes the Komment object can be rendered in.


You can only change the Mode when developing your application. I.e. it is not possible for the user to change it on the fly.
Mode setup

Table Mode (Default):

The end user can at all times choose between two ways of adding or changing data when the Komment object is set to Table Mode:
  • Inline
  • Batch


In the inline edit mode the user can simply change and add data directly in the cells of the Komment object.
Inline editing in Table Mode
When a user has changed or added data to one or more cells a small indicator in each cells show that this cell has been changed but not saved yet.
Change indicator
The user can discard the unsaved inputs by pressing Clear or press Save to ensure they are saved.


The user can also press Batch Edit to give him the ability to submit the same data or changes for multiple records at the same time.
Batch Edit. Selection of multiple records.
When the user has selected the relevant records he can press Edit to open a data entry dialogue where he can add or change data which will apply to all the selected records.
Batch Edit. Data entry form.

Form mode:

When using Form Mode the user rely on selections being made in other Qlik objects. When the needed (if any) selections are made the user can use the Komment object to save data entries which will then apply to all the selected records.
Form mode
If there is a desire to free up some space on the sheet where Komment is used, the Komment object can be set to Popup mode. The Komment object will then be visible to the user as a floating button on the sheet:
Komment as a floating button
When the user click on the button a Komment form will be shown which can now be used to make the desired data entries:
Popup mode: Form input