Yes, Komment works on Qlik SaaS editions! But...Things are a bit different on SaaS compared to QSE so this section will help you understand how to use Komment on SaaS.
In this section you will find information about:
  • What needs to be configured in the Management Console
  • How to setup Data Connections in the Komment setup
  • How to adapt the partial reload script
  • How you can get the user name of the person saving data
  • Learn the options you have for using Komment in apps in Shared and Managed spaces
  • How to use Kaptain on SaaS
Note that the first time Komment is used, Qlik needs some time to internalize the extension. So it might take a few browser refreshes before it is ready. The same will occur if the extension haven't been used for 24 hours.