This section shows how the extra utilities are used

Columns filter button

In Appearance => Utilities section the developer can decide whether to show or hide the Column filter functionality when Komment is in Table mode.

When the Columns filter button is enabled a small filter icon will be visible to the end user when in Table mode.

When the user press the Columns button a menu will open up and the user can select which columns to display in the table. His settings will only impact his current session and hence no other users will be affected. When the user closes the Qlik Sense app the changes will be reset.

CSS styling

In Appearance => Utilities section the developer can define custom css properties of the Komment object. If desired the developer can also add css properties that affect all Komment objects in the application or css properties that affect other objects in the application.

In the above example the Scope is set to "Current Object" meaning that the CSS inputted in the Styles section will only affect the Komment object where this being set. To make it affect all Komment objects or affect the whole app, you just change the scope.

You should be sure you know your way around CSS before you set the scope to Global. A good resource to check out is this: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Documents/Dashboard-Design-QS-CSS-MasterClass-video/ta-p/1787091

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