Quick Start Wizard

Setting up a Komment object is made easy with the Quick Start wizard. This guide will walk you through the steps to create and configure your Komment object.

Launch Quick Start

  1. Create a Komment object and locate the "Quick Start" option. Click on it to begin setting up your Komment object.

  2. The Quick Start wizard window will appear, guiding you through the setup process.

  1. In the Mode step you can select one of three modes: Table, Form and Popup.

  2. In the Setup step, you'll configure essential settings for your Komment object:

  • Fact table name: Provide the name of the table that contains the data you want to visualize.

  • Komment date format: Specify the desired format for displaying dates within the Komment object.

  • Writeback table name: Enter the name of the table where writeback data will be stored.

  • Writeback variable name: Define a variable that will capture writeback data.

  1. Fill in the necessary information and click "Next" to move on.

Add Fields

  1. In this step, you'll include fields from your fact table that you want to display in the Komment object:

    • Browse through the available fields and select those that should be visible.

    • You'll be able to customize the appearance and behavior of each field in the Komment setup panel.

  2. Once you've selected the appropriate fields, proceed by clicking "Next."

Select Komment Key Field

  1. In the fourth step, you will choose a Komment Key field. This field will uniquely identify each record in your Komment object.

  2. Carefully choose a field that ensures the uniqueness of each record. After selection, confirm and continue.

Setup Data Connection

  1. In this step, you'll configure the data connection for your Komment object:

    • Connection type: Choose either QIX Engine or Kaptain based on your data source.

    • If QIX Engine is selected:

      • Select a QVD Data Connection and specify QVD Storage options.

    • If Kaptain is selected:

      • Provide the Kaptain URL.

      • Choose a Kapsule and data connection. You can also create a new Kapsule and data connection if needed.

  2. After configuring the data connection, click "Next" to proceed.

Review and Finish

  1. A summary of your setup choices will be displayed. Review the information to ensure accuracy.

  2. If everything looks correct, click the "Done" button to complete the setup process.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up a Komment object using the Quick Start wizard. Your configured object will now enable you to interact with your data in the chosen mode, displaying the selected fields with customization options.

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