Time to complete: 1-10 minutes (depending on number of sheets in your app)

Load script

In the load script of your app define the following variable:

SET _vKompassPointer = '';

Once the variable has been defined do a reload of the app.


Add sheets to the navigation menu

Drag the Kompass extension onto the sheet and go to the property panel to the right. To add a sheet as part of the menu just press the Add Nav button:

Sheet menu options

1. Disable Nav

This option gives the possibility to NOT show this nav option in nav bar object but still keep its settings in property panel instead of deleting it.

Once a nav option is disabled, the children/grandchildren under this nav will automatically be hidden as well.

2. Nav Label

This is the label shown in the navigation visible to the end user.

3. Close Navigation (Only used as navigation container)

This gives a possibility for a Level-1 nav option to NOT doing any navigation when clicked but only as a expand/collapse option in the navigation menu.

When checked, the Nav To Sheet option will automatically hide itself.

4. Nav To Sheet

Pick the destination sheet where the user will navigate to when he clicks on this nav.

5. Menu Level

A single nav can be set to three levels: level 1, level 2, level 3.

Once set as level 2 or level 3, the nav bar will automatically find the higher level nav before this nav as its parent nav.

6. Nav Icon

This gives an icon to your nav. It uses Font Awesome ( Use the css class name to define your icon in your nav (e.g. home icon refers ‘fa-home’, simply put fa-home into Nav Icon and the nav will render a home icon in front of your nav title).

This will show up in the navigation menu as this:

7. Menu order

It is very easy to change the order of how the sheets are shown in the navigation menu. After you have added them to the menu you simple drag and drop each sheet into the desired position.

Drag and drop to define order


To define your desired layout for the navigation menu go to the Layout section:

Render Mode and Width

You can select between normal mode or Flyout mode. The recommended option is Flyout. This mode will automatically hide original Qlik Sense nav bar and title bar in Analysis Mode.

In the Render Width setting you can define how wide you want the navigation menu to appear.


Title, logo and meta text

1. Title

To set a title on the navigation menu go to Appearance => General => Title

Just enter you desired title

The title will appear on the top of the navigation menu:

To add a logo to the top of the Navigation menu go to Appearance => Logo

Add your desired logo

3. Meta text

To add extra information to the top of the navigation menu - e.g. like reload time or version of Qlik Sense app go to the Meta Text section and press the Add New Meta Text button. You can add as many as you like.

Within each Meta Text section you add, there are a several functions and layout options to choose from. As with any other Qlik object you can make calculations and reference data in your Qlik app.

Define your Meta Text

Finalize configuration

To finalize the setup of Kompass do the following.

Add as Master Visualization

Right click on the Kompass extension object on your sheet and choose Add to master items:

Add to master items

Add to each sheet

Last step is to add the Master Item to each sheet on which you want the navigation menu to appear.

Add Master Item to sheets

As the users do not have to see the Master Item itself on the sheet you can make it as small as possible and place it in one of the corners of the sheet.

A good option is to hide the Title of the Master Item. The title will still be shown in the top of the navigation menu but not in the Master Item object on the sheets.

Hide title